Courtney Lester

In just one session with Joyce I gained very useful tools that I desperately needed to feel confident and empowered while onstage. I’m more in my heart center and calm, enjoying presenting on stage or video.  I look back and felt I spoke too fast, my hands were all over the place.  I’ve really tapped into my authentic heart center through a variety of different techniques, ground myself and come from a place of pure intention and concentration instead of having issues with fleeting thoughts and being all over the place.  I just want to express my gratitude to Joyce and want to continue this work with her to strengthen my skill set being on stage.  I now feel comfortable, authentic, real and very intentional with my words and physical posture that keeps me focused.  If you have insecurities speaking powerfully, Joyce is an incredible mentor bringing confidence to the somatic experience.


Christina Carlin

I have had session’s for various issues that I have had to work through.  She has been instrumental in helping me reach breakthroughs with her caring and gentle way.  I always leave with a sense of peace,and the breakthroughs that come through are amazing!! I see shifts right away that have impacted my life in various positive ways that keep me from feeling stuck.

Working with Joyce was very easy. She was a good listener and I found it easy to work with her. Her gentle style and professional approach made me feel safe in sharing my issues with her.


Christin Menendez

Joyce has a great calming energy about her that helped me totally relax and feel comfortable being vulnerable with her about some personal things I was going through at the time of our session. As a result of the emotional stress I was experiencing, I had a lot of tension in my body that needed release. Joyce was a patient and gentle guide, helping me recognize this tension in my body and release it.  It definitely helped me move through the emotional stress and opened up my energy to feel calmer and lighter after our session. I recommend working with Joyce to anyone interested!


Kelly Scott

I feel like people will always connect with YOU because you have done so much work on yourself, so much growth, and you have great passion!”  You are such a beautiful soul.  You are genuine, authentic, kind, loving, brave, with so much courage.  I am and will always be grateful for you.


Liz Alley

So glad to know you Joyce. Thx for all the love this weekend!!”   YOUR energy is amazing!!! I felt like we had known each other forever.  The work she does is beautiful, I can’t explain it….I just know how I feel and the realizations I’ve received from our session.  I want to highly recommend Joyce. If looking for a deep soul connection, and the ability to free yourself, she is the person you want to work with.

Austin TX

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