Uncovering Limiting Beliefs: Unlocking Potential

Limiting beliefs can hold us back from reaching our full potential. In this episode, we delve into the impact of negative self-talk and self-limiting beliefs on our mental health. We'll provide strategies for identifying and challenging these beliefs, empowering ourselves to pursue our dreams and create a positive mindset for growth.

this podcast is about My Thai Yoga Body Therapy

The Spa In Me" this evening. We discussed the Thai Yoga Body Therapy I do with my clients. As a Soul Awakening Coach, I may incorporate this body therapy into a session or stand alone. Either way, there are many benefits to the body physically, mentally, emotionally, meditative and fuller breath.

Quantum Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy ....

The Sovereign Woman Movement is dedicated to empowering women to heal and transform themselves and their lineage. We combine the wisdom of Kundalini Yoga Therapy and A Course in Miracles Spiritual Psychotherapy to disrupt ancestral karmic patterns of emotional pain, fostering a community where women can embark on a journey towards spiritual


I have the pleasure to interview our 12th guest for 2024, Joyce Ayers is a Soul-Aligned Manifestation Coach committed to inspiring women to embrace their full potential and live authentically. Her own path has taught her about the challenges of outgrowing her comfort zone and the profound transformation that follows. She has dedicated her life to guiding women to deeply connect with themselves, encouraging them to transcend their limitations and manifest their deepest desires

The Power of Being Present and Emotionally Aware with Joyce Ayers

Joyce is a seasoned mom of three grown girls, a thriving business owner, Soul-Aligned Manifestation Coach.

In this episode, Joyce Ayers, a mom and business owner, discusses the challenges of juggling multiple roles and the importance of self-care and pursuing personal passions amidst a busy schedule. She emphasizes the significance of community support, being present, and managing emotions for achieving a balanced and fulfilling life. Joyce shares her journey towards finding purpose, overcoming negative habits, and prioritizing well-being to positively impact her family.

Austin TX

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